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DNR Boating Virtual Trainer to be Featured at Environmental Art & Music Festival

Daniel Prince

Take One Make One Heritage Trailer will educate young people on first-time hunting practices

The Environmental Art and Music Festival is coming to downtown Union this Friday and Saturday. One new feature this year will be the Boating Skills Virtual Trainer and Heritage Simulator. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources will be bringing the simulators to the event. With the assistance of Pioneer Boats, DNR placed three 32” screens on an actual center console boat, which is mounted inside a trailer. Steering, throttle, and other controls are exactly like those found on a real boat. The instructor can tailor the person’s experience by adjusting everything from wind and current strength to the time of day, even providing nighttime scenarios. The simulator offers several learning platforms where the person can learn about docking, mooring, pivot turns, and more.

The Take One Make One Heritage Trailer will bring hands-on education on safe hunting practices along with the value of wildlife and the natural environment. It uses video simulators and hands-on air rife ranges to educate youth ages 10-17 on first-time hunting practices.

For more information on the festival, visit or look for the festival on Facebook.

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