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Dr. LaTunya Means Updates School Board on Sims

Daniel Prince

School theme is "Ready, Set, Go Get Excellence"

At last Monday’s school board meeting, Dr. LaTunya Means updated the board on things happening at Sims Middle School. She stated the school’s theme for the school year is “Ready, Set, Go Get Excellence.” Dr. Means explains:

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She said everything they do is centered on the state’s profile of the South Carolina Graduate. The vision is to prepare every student to be college and career ready through increased engagement, effective use of technology, and growth through innovation.

One innovative program the school does is called Genius Hour, which takes the first 45 minutes of the school day for remediation and enrichment for students. The students work on projects that involve research and creativity. She shared one such project with the board at the end of her presentation. It was a video that Sims student Bayla Morrow had done on interior design. Morrow had researched the best colleges for interior design and then did an interior design project using a model house that she designed herself.

Means stated that Sims is a Title I school and is using the funding to move forward. She said the Title 1 annual meeting and strategic planning session is coming up soon, and she is hoping for good feedback from parents and stakeholders. She said the school uses the Title 1 funding for STEM and STEAM education and teacher workshops and training, as well as to evaluate its programs.

She said after-school activities are beginning to start up, with AAA tutoring, STEM/STEAM-related projects, and a jazz band among the after-school offerings. The school has partnered with the Robin Hood Group for a gardening program, they are involved with Project Lead the Way, they hosted a summer camp this year, and last year, they partnered with the Union County Community Remembrance Project for an essay and art contest.

Dr. Means
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