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Dr. Tommy Mann Announces He Will Run for School Board

Daniel Prince

Mann to run for seat currently held by Mike "Broke-Arm" Cohen

Dr. Tommy Mann, senior pastor at Putman Baptist Church, announced he will be filing to run for the Union County School Board District 5 seat in the coming election. Mike “Broke-Arm” Cohen currently holds the seat. You can read the full statement on our Facebook page. In it, he said he has been a familiar face at school campuses since moving to Union in January 2008, leading Bible studies, cheering on student-athletes, reading books as part of Pastries with Pastors, substitute teaching, serving as basketball coach for Lockhart, chairing the JEMS School Improvement Council and the district’s Comprehensive Health Committee.

He said that there is not one specific career path that qualifies a person for the school board, but he believes that character counts. He said people need to trust that their board members will act in good faith, and he hopes his reputation in the county will speak for itself. He said he considered running four years ago but didn’t think the time was right. He said he feels the time is right now.

Mann’s two children attend Jonesville Elementary-Middle School.

School board seats are nonpartisan, so filing for them comes later in the year, since there is no need for a primary. Filing for nonpartisan offices will run July 15-August 15 this year. Filing for partisan offices will be March 16-30.

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