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Draft Findings of Regional Water and Sewer Study Presented at City Council Meeting

Daniel Prince

City takeover of utilities may be the best financial option, but much discussion remains

At Tuesday’s meeting of Union City Council, City Administrator Joe Nichols gave council members an update on the feasibility study the city conducted on the water and sewer systems in the towns of Carlisle and Lockhart. Nichols noted the document is just a draft at this point. It is expected to be finalized in October, and between now and then, City Council, County Council, and the Carlisle and Lockhart Town Councils need to meet together for a workshop to look deeper into the study and come up with a plan for the systems moving forward.

Nichols summed up what the study says about the long-term viability of each town’s water and sewer systems:

WBCU News will cover the joint workshop meeting when it is scheduled and update you as the discussions continue.

City Administrator Joe Nichols presents some highlights of the study at the council meeting
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