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DSS Launches New Online Portal to Check Child Abuse Registry

Daniel Prince

New tool will be more efficient than former paper system

The South Carolina Department of Social Services launches a new online portal today at The state’s Online Central Registry and Database system will provide a way to check the SC Child Abuse and Neglect Registry and Database for employment purposes as required by state laws, individual agencies, or business practices. The system will allow for a central registry or database check to be submitted electronically, for fees to be paid online, and for results to be returned by email or directly to a user account. The new tool will cut down on the time for receiving responses, including processing time, data entry errors, and returning responses to employers, compared to the old way of submitting paper requests by traditional mail. DSS State Director Michael Leach says the tool will aid childcare providers, group care providers, and other entities who need to complete the check for hiring candidates. In particular, he says it will remove roadblocks for childcare providers to be able to hire candidates to keep South Carolina’s economy going.

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