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Ellen Sagar Looking for Santas for Their Seniors

Daniel Prince

Gifts are due back by December 16

Ellen Sagar Nursing Center is looking for volunteers to help make Christmas brighter for their residents. The program is being called “Be Santa for a Senior”. Ellen Sagar staff have put up a Christmas tree in the unit 1 lobby. The tree is decorated with a number of colorful paper Christmas bulbs. On each bulb, there is a number representing each resident, along with some information about that resident and some wishes, wants, and needs. Once you select one of the lights, the staff asks that you sign your name and selected number in the notebook beside the tree. All gifts need to be turned in by Friday, December 16, to the Activity Department. Be sure to attach the light bulb to the wrapped gift. If you have questions, contact Candi Turner in the Activity Department at 301-3515.

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