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Family, Friends, and Former Students Pay Tribute to Ralph Lawson at His Final Show

Daniel Prince

Ralph and Janet Lawson are retiring at the end of the year

A host of former students, cast members, family, and community members turned out Sunday for the final performance of Little Shop of Horrors and to bid a fond farewell to drama teacher and director Ralph Lawson and his wife Janet, who are both retiring at the end of this year. The students put on a fantastic final show, and after soaking up the audience’s applause and appreciation, they called the Lawsons up on stage, where the seniors presented Ralph with a signed card from the cast and a miniature version of Audrey II, the star plant from the show. They presented Janet with flowers, as well. The seniors spoke and paid tribute to the Lawsons.

After the tributes, Principal Kevin Farmer gave Lawson a plaque in commemoration of his years of service to the school. He invited all former cast members to line the stage, and they stretched from one end to the other. After that, one of the alums, Ashley Robinson, came on stage to make a presentation on behalf of the rest of the drama alums. They presented the Lawsons with several signed cards of former students and cast members, along with a theater trip to New York.

Finally, Lawson was handed the microphone for some final words:

(audio below story)

We’ll have more from Janet and Ralph Lawson, as well as words from current drama student Ruthie Dean and former student Ashley Robinson, coming up later this week.

Ralph Lawson on the importance of drama
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