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Farm and Craft Market Celebrating Farmers' Market Week

Daniel Prince

They will attend a couple of giveaways this weekend

This is National Farmers’ Market Week, and the Union County Farm and Craft Market is celebrating with a couple of special events coming up. They had to cancel a brunch they had planned to kick off the week, instead appearing at the sheriff’s office’s school supply giveaway on Saturday and another giveaway on Sunday at the Michael Land Ballfield. According to Elise Ashby, who runs the market and FoodShare Union County, they gave out lunch bags with some produce to the kids and signed families up for produce boxes for FoodShare. Thanks to a grant, student households can receive one small produce box through September 1st.

On Thursday, FoodShare Union County will hold an anniversary celebration from noon-3 p.m. at their new location at the Union County Farm and Craft Market at 106 Lakeside Drive in front of the YMCA. They will be joined by city, county, and state representatives, along with community members and volunteers. Ashby said some of the dignitaries may speak, and they will likely hold a ribbon cutting to acknowledge the new building FoodShare is using at the Farm and Craft Market. Since starting last July, the program has sold 1842 boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables, which works out to more than 30,000 pounds of produce, most of which comes from local farmers. They have helped to increase local farmer income by 68% through the program.

On Saturday, the Farmer’s Market will host Community and International Day from 7:30-noon. Elise Ashby talks about some of the things that will be going on as part of that event:

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The Union County Farm and Craft Market is open Monday through Saturday from 7:30-noon. For more information, call Elise Ashby at 427-1530.

Elise Ashby on Community and International Day
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