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Fentanyl, Gun Seized From Teen

Daniel Prince

17-year-old transported to Columbia DJJ after being found with 91 blue pills

A 17-year-old is in DJJ custody in Columbia. PFC Jeff Wright performed a traffic stop Sunday afternoon on a red Chevy truck with a brake light out on Meansville Road. The vehicle pulled into the Fox Fire Apartments, striking the sidewalk while attempting to park. Wright approached the vehicle, and the 17-year-old driver opened the door to step out. Wright smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the truck and asked the driver if he had any drugs in the truck. He handed Wright a small amount of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana from a bookbag in the vehicle. Wright called Sgt. David Lee to perform a field sobriety test on the juvenile, since he stated he had used marijuana within the past few hours. Wright then searched the truck and found a small plastic bag containing six blue pills in the cupholder of the truck. Sgt. Lee said the juvenile had stated to him that there were blue pills and a handgun in the bookbag inside the truck. When Wright searched the bookbag, he found a small glass bottle containing 85 blue pills and a black and tan-colored Taurus 9 mm handgun. The 91 blue pills were believed to be fentanyl. The juvenile was transported to Columbia DJJ. He is charged with possession with intent to distribute fentanyl, simple possession of marijuana, and unlawful possession of a handgun.

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