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Former Employee Charged With Stealing Money From Hardee's

Daniel Prince

Woman accused of taking total of $1442 from register in two separate incidents

A Union woman has been arrested for breach of trust for incidents that took place in August and September last year. On September 24, Sgt. Scott Hood responded to Hardee’s regarding the theft of money. He met with the district manager from Hardee’s, who stated that a former employee named Ashley Ocampo had stolen money from the restaurant. The district manager gave Hood a thumb drive containing video footage of the incidents. On the video from August 4, he saw Ocampo take a large amount of money, placing it in her pocketbook, and leaving the restaurant. On September 7, Ocampo could be seen taking money from the register, walking away, and then returning with no money in her possession. The money was never deposited. The amount taken in the first incident was $1082.32, and $360 was taken in the second incident, for a total of $1442.32. A warrant was signed in early October on 37-year-old Ashley Williams Ocampo of Fairview Church Circle in Union, charging her with breach of trust. Ocampo was arrested on Friday.

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