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Fundraising Lunch Planned to Raise Money for the Marisha Sharay Jeter Scholarship Foundation

TJ Jeter appears on WBCU to talk about the fundraiser

Daniel Prince

13 scholarships have been awarded to senior girls through the foundation

The Marisha Sharay Jeter Scholarship Foundation continues to raise money to send high school senior girls on to higher education in her memory. Jeter was tragically murdered at the age of 16 back in 2008. One of its big fundraisers is coming up next Sunday, October 24. The annual food sale will take place at the home of Manning and Maretta Jeter on 409 South Church Street. It will go from 1 p.m. until the food is gone. They serve a meat and three with a drink and dessert for $8. Menus will be distributed soon for advance orders, but you can try and order the day of the event. The event is led by volunteers, and everything is home-cooked.

TJ Jeter, who is Marisha Jeter’s brother, was on the morning show Thursday to talk about why the foundation does the fundraising events that it does, including a yearly cheer camp and youth gospel choir competition:

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13 scholarships have been given to senior girls so far. All money raised from the food sales and any other donations that come in go straight into the foundation toward the scholarship award. Jeter said there is around $50,000 in the foundation right now to support the scholarships.

TJ Jeter
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