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Generators Reported Stolen From Tiger Industries

Daniel Prince

Theft costs company $7700

Someone has stolen from Union County’s newest industry. Sgt. Kristen Spencer was dispatched last Thursday to Tiger Companies, at 256 Midway Drive, regarding a larceny.

Spencer met with a manager at the facility, who stated they had 17 generators stolen, but 3 had been recovered. One was along a back wall of the plant, and two others were found out back by the dumpster, still in the boxes. The generators are orange and black Generac 2200I, valued at $550 each, with a total loss to the company of $7700.

The generators were unloaded at around 9:30 and were noticed missing less than three hours later. He stated that is the first time the plant has had generators come in. The case has been forwarded to investigations.

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