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High School to Host "Jacket Training Camp"

Chris Woodson

Event serves to introduce students to the high school experience

Union County High School and the Office of Special Services is pleased to announce their very first Jacket Training Camp. This camp is for rising ninth-grade students. The purpose of this weeklong program is to help students begin ninth grade and high school in a positive and productive manner. The camp will be directed by ninth-grade teachers and will include food, games, career and transition activities, an introduction to administrators and guidance counselors, tours of the building, exploration of the opportunities that exist at UCHS, career speakers, and a field trip. The camp is free of charge and is targeting low-achieving, high drop-out risk students, although any rising ninth-grade student can register and attend. The goal of the camp is to get these students started on a positive journey to UCHS, culminating in graduation in four years.

Elizabeth Ireton with the Office of Special Services tells us more:

(audio below story)

The camp will be held July 25-29 from 9 am until noon at Union County High School, 1163 Lakeside Drive. For more information or to register, email Elizabeth Ireton at

Elizabeth Ireton on Jacket Training Camp
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