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House Fire Leads to Two Arrests on Drug Charges

Daniel Prince

Drug paraphernalia found in bedroom where fire started

The Union County Narcotics Task Force, a partnership between the Union County Sheriff’s Office and Union Public Safety Department, announced two drug arrests yesterday. 64-year-old Kenneth Wayne Shetley, Sr., of Malone Avenue in Union, and 50-year-old Tillia Dawn Wynn, of Beltline Road in Union, were arrested early Sunday morning.

Sunday just after midnight, city officers were dispatched to 117 Malone Avenue in the city for a residential structure fire. While inside extinguishing the fire, officers noticed several items of drug paraphernalia and a glass bong containing an orange liquid inside the bedroom where the fire was located. Once they extinguished the fire, officers spoke with Shetley and Wynn about the items found inside. Officers read them their rights and asked if they wanted to speak to officers. They agreed to speak. They were asked for consent to search the residence and vehicle, and they agreed to that, as well. Investigator Dylan Beheler found a small green bag inside a decorative glass in the living room. The bag had meth inside. Inside the bedroom, PSO Nations collected three syringes on the bedside table and collected the glass bong that had been seen earlier. PSO Ford found a vape pen with an unknown substance inside the dresser in the bedroom. Inside Wynn’s vehicle, Investigator Beheler found an eyeglass case that contained a Ziploc bag with multiple blue and yellow pills inside, along with a small bag of marijuana and a rolled marijuana cigar, and a glass meth pipe. Inside a small metal container on Wynn’s keychain, Beheler found a crystal-like substance believed to be meth.

When asked about the items, Shetley stated the items were already inside the residence when they moved in. Wynn said the meth might be hers but was unsure. After being asked multiple times, neither would take ownership of the meth, so they both were arrested and charged. The blue and yellow pills were identified as Schedule 4 controlled substances. The orange liquid in the bong weighed 45 grams. The drugs will be sent for testing.

Shetley is charged with trafficking in meth; possession with intent to distribute meth near a park or playground, as the residence is within half a mile of City Park; and possession of drug paraphernalia. Wynn is charged with simple possession of marijuana; possession of a controlled substance, third offense; trafficking in meth; possession with intent to distribute meth near a park or playground; and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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