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Incident Report Released in Shi Smith Traffic Stop

Daniel Prince

Marijuana, firearm, and more than $20,000 in cash seized

The incident report has been released in the traffic stop and arrest of Shi Smith, and Smith was not the only person arrested in the incident. Deputy Chris Patterson was on patrol on Highway 176 on Friday morning, March 25, when he saw a dark-colored sedan that appeared to be speeding. Patterson confirmed with radar that the vehicle was traveling 86 mph in a 55-mph zone. He stopped the vehicle and asked for the driver’s license. Patterson said he smelled the odor of what he believed to be raw marijuana coming from the vehicle. He asked the driver, Shi Smith, to exit the vehicle and speak with him. After reading Smith his rights, Smith admitted to having marijuana in the vehicle, saying he had a blunt but no other marijuana, as well as a loaded firearm in a bag in the back seat. A search of the vehicle revealed a small bag of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana in the driver’s door handle, two small bags of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana in the center console, and a small amount of remnants of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana in the back floorboard area. Smith admitted it belonged to him, and he also said there was one other bag in the back seat area. He said he had just left home and forgot to put the firearm away. The .45 caliber handgun was found in a brown overnight bag in the backseat along with a large amount of US currency. Smith initially denied he had anything over $1000 in the car, but he later recanted and said he forgot he had it in the vehicle, and stated it was $20,000. The marijuana weighed 18 grams. Another bag was found after the passenger, identified as 23-year-old Labrayon Woods, admitted he hid it on his person. It weighed approximately 30 grams. Smith claimed that marijuana was his, as well. Smith was charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, unlawful carrying of a pistol, and reckless driving. Smith was transported to Union County Jail, where he was released on bond. The money was taken to Arthur State Bank where it was counted for a total of $20,666. The money was mostly in small bills. The currency was seized due to its possible connection to illegal activities. It was placed in a holding account in the Treasurer’s Office until the finalization of all legal and civil matters. After further investigation and review of body camera footage, Labrayon Woods was also charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana. He was arrested last Tuesday and released on bond.

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