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Inflatable Colon Draws Attention to Colorectal Cancer

Daniel Prince

Union Medical Center and Gibbs Cancer Center staff on hand with information

What looked to be a blow-up pink archway at Union Medical Center turned out to be an inflatable colon. WBCU News took a tour through the colon, which gave information about colorectal cancer and showed examples of what normal colon tissue looks like, as well as polyps, malignant polyps, Crohn’s disease, which is an inflammatory disease that can lead to an increased risk for colorectal cancer. It also showed what colorectal cancer can look like inside the colon, as well as advanced colorectal cancer. Staff from Union Medical Center and the Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute were on hand with more information and talked to people who came about the disease. WBCU News spoke with Kiara Long, a certified health education specialist, about the best ways to prevent colorectal cancer:

(audio below story)

Kiara Long and Sloane Rabuske about colorectal cancer
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