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Inman Man Charged With 2020 Break-in of Storage Buildings

Daniel Prince

Woman was arrested in connection with the case back in February

An Inman man has been arrested in connection with the October 2020 break-in of six storage units at Small’s Storage. Cpl. William Erwin and Major Scott Coffer responded to the scene and found a large amount of 2x4 wood laying on the ground at the end of unit 94. The wood appeared to be from unit 37, which had the same type of wood stored. The six units were closed and locked as the case was investigated.

Last December, Coffer received information that Bobby Jumper and Angela Stafford might be involved in the break-ins. Coffer got with Cherokee County and searched for the pair. Stafford was arrested in Cherokee County on charges there. Coffer was informed she was cooperating and wanted to talk about the break-ins in Union.

On December 6, 2020, Coffer went to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office to interview Stafford. She was shown video photos from the incident and stated that she and Jumper broke into the units. Stafford was arrested on February 9, 2021, at the Cherokee County Jail and taken to the Union County Detention Center. She was charged with six counts of 3rd-degree burglary and six counts of petty larceny of under $2000.

On Wednesday, 44-year-old Bobby Shane Jumper was arrested and charged with six counts of third-degree burglary and 6 counts of petty larceny of under $2000. Bond was set at $24,000 on Jumper.

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