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Juvenile Reports an Assault With a Gun at a Playground

Daniel Prince

Victim was assaulted by three males

A juvenile reported being assaulted by another juvenile with a gun while near the playground at Keenan Oak Apartments. The incident was reported Saturday evening. PFC Thomas Willingham was dispatched to Union Medical Center to speak with the 14-year-old victim, who stated he was assaulted by three males. Willingham noticed several knots on the victim’s head. The juvenile stated he did not know the males who assaulted him. He said they wanted him to give them his jacket, and when he refused, one of the subjects pulled out a gun and started counting down from five. He said that after the five seconds, the male subject hit him with the gun, and they got into an altercation. Willingham then spoke to several juveniles who were with the victim at the time of the assault. They stated they were all out near the playground when the three males came down to where they were. They stated that the other two subjects jumped into the altercation while the juvenile with the gun was assaulting the victim. Willingham received written statements from the witnesses. The victim would not provide a written statement, but his mother stated she wanted the subjects charged. The incident has been forwarded to investigations for follow-up.

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