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Larcenies Reported on North Mountain Street

Daniel Prince

Numerous items missing from two residences

A couple of larceny incidents have been reported on North Mountain Street in the City of Union. Union Public Safety responded on Tuesday to 303 North Mountain Street, where a woman there stated she was missing a welcome mat, a mesquite candle, and all her grilling tools. She noted this was the second incident that has occurred at the property. The missing items were valued at $75. As she and Officer Thomas Willingham were checking the property, she noticed a light on in the basement of her house. She stated she did not turn it on, so someone must have been there. The officer checked the basement but found no one. Willingham observed that someone had cut the screen on the screened-in front porch, as well.

Willingham was notified by Sgt. Hood at Union Public Safety that he had received a call about a larceny at 221 North Mountain Street, as well. Willingham talked to the homeowner, who stated he was missing two bookbags, two coats, a pair of rain boots, a Bluetooth speaker, and a hedge cutter. He stated he thought the incident took place over the weekend but wasn’t sure if it took place Monday night or not. He said he thought perhaps it was someone from the Wedgewood Court area that was coming onto the property. The missing items were valued at $375.

Both incidents have been sent to investigations for follow-up.

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