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Lieutenant Governor Addresses Republican Women Event

Lt. Governor Pamela Evette addresses the crowd
The crowd stands and waves flags as Ronnie Lybrand sings

Daniel Prince

Near-capacity crowd attends patriotic celebration hosted by Republican Women

Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette was the guest of honor at Tuesday night’s Patriotic Celebration, hosted by the Union County South Carolina Republican Women. There were very few empty seats at the Veterans Lodge at Foster Park as the crowd enjoyed supper; the national anthem, performed by Mary Ashton Garrett and accompanied by Evan Haney; and remarks by Reverend Tony Foster, pastor of Restorative Worship Center and Restorative Bible College; Tommy Pope, Speaker Pro Tempore in the SC House and District 47 representative; and Evette.

Pope’s lighthearted comments included reminiscing about his time as solicitor serving in Union County. As he turned serious, he noted the tone of Washington is beginning to creep into Columbia, with less decorum and more arguing. He said conservatives have to learn to find their core values and not get lost in the noise. He said no one is going to appease everyone 100% of the time, and those who put forth such unattainable litmus tests are chasing good candidates out of politics.

In her comments, Lt. Governor Pamela Evette said her grandmother instilled in her the drive to want to work and to serve:

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Following door prize giveaways, those attending took time to remember those who have fought in wars on behalf of our country. Kevin Brewington asked that everyone remember the 13 who were killed in last week’s bombing in Afghanistan. Ronnie Lybrand led the crowd in singing, “God Bless the USA”. SPC Bradford McKay led a POW/MIA table recognition ceremony, which Lybrand closed by playing Taps.

Lt. Governor Pamela Evette
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