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Light Voter Turnout for Special Referendum Election

Daniel Prince

Next election will be for City Council District 3 on November 30

Turnout in the election was light, at 18.06%. By comparison, in the 2020 presidential election, 76.42% of voters turned out, and in the 2018 general election, voter turnout was 55.56%. Taking home the highest turnout honors was the West Springs precinct, where 25.41% of their voters came out. Others with 20% or better turnout included Adamsburg, Buffalo Box 1, Excelsior, Lockhart, Putman, Santuck, Ward 1 Box 1, and Ward 2. Ward 4 Box 2 had the worst turnout, at 9.59%. Others with turnout less than 15% included Carlisle, East Buffalo, Jonesville Box 1, Jonesville Box 2, Monarch Box 2, and Ward 3.

The next election will be the municipal special election on November 30th to elect the District 3 representative to Union City Council. The district is comprised of parts of the East Buffalo, Excelsior, Ward 3, Ward 4 Box 1, and Ward 4 Box 2 precincts. Chasity Pearson and Gloria Rogers are running to fill the unexpired term of former Councilwoman Vicki Morgan, who resigned after moving out of her district.

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