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Local Church Makes Donation to L.W. Long Community Resource Center at Juneteenth

Daniel Prince

UCCRP adds preservation of historic sites to its other missions

Those attending the Union County Community Remembrance Project’s second-annual Juneteenth Celebration were treated to great weather and a host of vendors and activities. The group once again paid tribute to the lynching victims in Union County by reading from the historical markers that were installed last year and by reading the names of the victims. A video talking about the soil collection and the work of the project was played on a loop in the L.W. Long Community Resource Center. A special room is set up inside the center displaying jars of dirt collected from the sites of the lynchings. Each jar is engraved with the victim’s name and date of death.

This year, the Union County Community Remembrance Project has added another part to its mission, that of preservation. Timika Wilson explains:

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Timika Wilson talks about UCCRP preservation mission, donation
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