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Local Church Reports Break-in

Daniel Prince

Pastor's office door was kicked in

A break-in was reported Tuesday at an area church. Sgt. Scott Hood responded to 308 Wallace Street for a report that St. Paul Baptist Church had been broken into. Hood spoke to the pastor, Dr. A.L. Brackett, when he arrived. Brackett said he came by the church to check on some things and observed that someone had kicked in the door to his office. He then walked to the front entrance and saw that the right-side door was open. Brackett couldn’t tell if anything was missing at the time, stating he would check with some members of the church to find out if any money was in the safe at the church. Hood noted that nothing else in the church was disturbed, and that the only evidence to the break-in was the pastor’s office door. The case has been turned over to investigations.

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