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Maintenance Director Updates School Board on Summer Work Across the District

Daniel Prince

Paint, carpets, roofs, ramps, parking lots, and more saw work

At Monday night’s school board meeting, Maintenance Director Mark Haney detailed the busy summer that his department has had. They installed posts and chains at all cafeteria docks, which alleviated the insurer’s concerns about fall protection in those areas. With the district finally able to get paint, which was in short supply the previous summer, he said his department was able to paint 19 classrooms at Monarch Elementary, the hallways and restrooms at the Achievement Academy, the mobile buildings at Foster Park, and the multipurpose room at the high school. He said they also repainted traffic lines at the Achievement Academy and posted new signs allowing parking only during pickup and drop-off times. He said they redid the carpet in the band, chorus, and health rooms at Sims and the band and chorus rooms at Jonesville. They also replaced the carpet in the music mobile at Monarch and installed carpet and furniture in the multipurpose room at the high school. They replaced the fence at Monarch to fully enclose the playground there and make the area secure. They finished the roofing project at Buffalo and are in the final stages of completing work on the final section of roof at Monarch, which should be finished sometime next month. They installed a new sidewalk from the teacher’s parking lot to the sidewalk at the high school, repaired the lawn at Foster Park in several locations, and they removed a large section of the mulched area in the front parking lot at Foster Park, allowing for a wider area for buses and vehicles to move through. They did the annual floor work on the gyms at Sims and Jonesville. A summer-long project was finished at Foster Park, as they redid the ramps and sidewalk stairs serving the mobiles at Foster Park.

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