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Man Arrested in Burglary Case Damages Patrol Vehicle Door With His Head

Daniel Prince

Jonesville PD charges Crawford with burglary; sheriff's office charges him with malicious damage

A Jonesville man struck the door of a Union County Sheriff’s Office vehicle hard enough that it bent the door from the inside. It happened Wednesday afternoon when Cpl. Cole Stanley responded to the Alman Street Apartments in Jonesville for a burglary. Stanley saw two females in the parking lot who pointed toward a blue Honda Accord that was leaving the parking lot. They told him that the man who broke into the house was in that vehicle. Stanley attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle, and when it stopped, a black male jumped out of the passenger seat and began running. Stanley eventually caught the male and placed him into custody. He was identified as 23-year-old Tyrese Deshaun Crawford.

Deputy Charles Nicholson confirmed that Crawford was the one who broke into the home. Stanley contacted Officer Jamison Taylor with the Jonesville Police Department to respond, since the incident took place in the city limits of Jonesville. Once Taylor arrived, Stanley heard loud knocking coming from his patrol vehicle. He looked and saw Crawford banging his head against the door. He was hitting it so hard that it bent the door at the top. Crawford stated he was suicidal and wished he would die.

Stanley transported Crawford to Union Medical Center for treatment, where Officer Taylor took custody of him. Stanley then took the vehicle for repair so the door would shut properly. Crawford is charged by the sheriff’s office with malicious injury to real property. The damage was estimated at less than $2000. The burglary charge will be handled by the Jonesville Police Department.

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