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Man Arrested in Theft of Catalytic Converter

Daniel Prince

Sheriff's Office warns that catalytic converter thefts are on the rise again

The Union County Sheriff’s Office has been warning of an increase in thefts of catalytic converters, which thieves cut off vehicles and sell because of the precious metals inside. One such incident was reported last Saturday at St. Paul Baptist Church on Wallace Street, where the catalytic converter was stolen from a church van.

Another incident was reported last Friday to the Union County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Ashley Ivey responded to a larceny in progress at Thomas Chapel AME Church on Tinker Creek Road. Dispatch notified Ivey that a white male driving a green car with no tag was at the church. The complainant stated that the white male was underneath the church van sawing off the catalytic converter. Before they got to the scene, deputies were notified that the car had driven away toward Berry Farm Road. Ivey saw the suspect’s vehicle as she approached the intersection of Berry Farm and Tinker Creek roads. Ivey pulled the car over and approached the driver, who was covered in sand. The driver identified himself as David Adam Liner.

Once other units arrived on scene, Ivey searched the vehicle and found a Sawzall and a pry bar. On the passenger side, she found a catalytic converter in the floorboard, which he admitted taking off the church van. Ivey found a bag containing two white pills at the bottom of a drink cup. Deputies later found two more catalytic converters. Liner said he bought them from someone in Lockhart. After being arrested, deputies searched Liner and found a couple of clear rocks believed to contain methamphetamine.

Liner is charged with petty larceny, possession of methamphetamine, and unlawful transportation and possession of nonferrous metals in a vehicle.

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