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Man Arrested Months After Shoplifting Incident

Daniel Prince

One other may have been involved in November 2021 incident

Another arrest has been made in a November shoplifting incident at Walmart. Back on November 10, Sgt. Scott Hood met with Walmart Loss Prevention Officer Russ Bentley at Public Safety Headquarters for a shoplifting incident that had occurred the previous day.

Bentley stated that a black male and two black females entered the store. One female, who was identified as 32-year-old Teresita Jones, went to the restroom, while the other two went to the electronics department. Bentley said Jones then went to the infant clothing department and removed four barcodes from the clothing there. He said that the man and Jones then loaded four Onn 50” TVs into two carts and placed the barcodes from the infant clothing onto the TVs and went to one of the self-checkout registers and scanned those barcodes and paid $15.92. They then exited the store. The TVs were valued at $1480.

Jones was arrested and charged with shoplifting. The man was identified a few days later as 51-year-old Anthony Bernard Burris of Spartanburg. The warrant was entered into NCIC. Burris was arrested on the charge last Thursday.

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