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Man Arrested on Drug Charge

Daniel Prince

Marijuana, money seized after traffic stop

Early Saturday morning as Deputy Kristen Spencer was working security at the Waffle House Restaurant on North Duncan Bypass, she noticed a man she identified as 21-year-old Samuel Suber exit the store and drive away. She knew that Suber’s license was suspended, so she called city units and told them that he was leaving in a white Honda Accord. Cpl. Jeff Wright responded and saw the vehicle drive to Murphy’s gas station, and after that, the vehicle turned onto the bypass and headed south. Wright stopped the vehicle a short time later.

When he approached the vehicle, he smelled the odor of marijuana. He asked Suber for his license, registration, and insurance. Suber said he did not have a license. Wright asked him if there were any guns, drugs, or anything else in the car he needed to know about, and Suber lifted a clear plastic bag with a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. Wright placed Suber in investigative detention while he searched the car. He found two more bags containing what was believed to be marijuana, one in the glove box and the other in the back pocket of the passenger seat. He found a small black and blue book bag in the back seat. It contained a large grocery bag of marijuana. He found an insulated lunch bag that was filled with cash. He also found a set of digital scales and an open bottle of Hennessy in the vehicle. Suber was placed under arrest. He had called a friend to come get the car, and he claimed the money belonged to her. When she arrived on scene, Wright asked her if there was anything in the car or on Suber that was hers, and she said no.

Suber was transported to the Union County Detention Center. He is charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, ABC law violations, and driving under suspension. In all, 300 grams of marijuana was seized, along with $3915.25 in cash.

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