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Man Charged in Animal Cruelty Case

Daniel Prince

Man also faces drug charge and resisting arrest

As a warning, the following story has some disturbing details pertaining to cruelty to an animal.

On Friday, Cpl. Cole Stanley was waved down by a county employee, who stated he had left a residence at 1922 Whitmire Highway. The employee said that Tyler Jerdo was under the influence of something strong, and he had his dog screwed to the wall and barricaded in the bathroom. He pleaded with Stanley for quick assistance for the dog. Stanley contacted Sgt. Felts and Sgt. Bassett to respond to the scene, along with Animal Control.

Upon arriving, Stanley spoke to Jerdo’s mother, who stated she owned the house and let him into the residence. Deputies entered the residence and saw a large barricade of items blocking the bathroom door. There was an outdoor bird bath, air conditioning unit, weight lifting equipment, and other heavy items placed against the door. Stanley could see the dog’s foot screwed to the door frame. Stanley found a power drill and gave it to Sgt. Felts, who was able to remove one screw from the dog’s paw, but the bathroom door still would not open. Stanley went outside and removed the screen from the bathroom window to gain entry. Deputies verified the dog was still alive but was extremely tired and limp. Sgt. Felts entered through the bathroom window to continue efforts to remove the dog from the door frame. Upon further examination, deputies saw the dog had a second screw in his paw inside the door frame. Deputies and Animal Control had to pull the dog’s paw from the screw because it was so deep into the paw the head of the screw could not be accessed. Deputies then removed the dog from the bathroom and moved it into one of the patrol vehicles.

Cpl. Israel alerted deputies that a truck was pulling into the front yard, which Jerdo’s mother said was her son Tyler’s. Cpl. Stanley approached and saw Tyler Jerdo exit the vehicle. Stanley told Jerdo he was under arrest and to place his hands behind his back. Jerdo began to argue, and he resisted arrest as soon as Stanley touched him. Stanley and Sgt. Bassett wrestled Jerdo to the ground, where he began swinging his elbows as he attempted to escape custody. Stanley drew his taser and warned Jerdo if he did not comply, he would be tased. Jerdo continued to resist, and Stanley drive stunned Jerdo in his right thigh. He continued resisting, so a second drive stun was applied. After that, deputies were able to get Jerdo into handcuffs. He continued to resist as deputies tried to get him into a patrol vehicle. They finally got him into the vehicle and went back around the house to collect evidence. They then heard Jerdo screaming in the front yard, as he escaped from the back of the patrol vehicle and attempted to flee the scene. Deputies were able to force him back into the vehicle, but during the attempt, Jerdo head-butted one of the officers in the forehead.

Sgt. Bassett transported 22-year-old Tyler Austin Jerdo to the Union County Detention Center, where he was charged with ill treatment of animals, possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, resisting arrest, and escape.

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