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Man Charged in Domestic Incident in Lockhart

Daniel Prince

Bond denied on 28-year-old James Hampton

A domestic incident in Lockhart led to a couple of charges for a Union man. Thursday morning, deputies responded to a domestic dispute on South 5th Street in Lockhart. While they were on the way, dispatch advised them that the male subject had assaulted the female. A few minutes later, dispatch informed deputies that the male subject had a knife and that another male had intervened prior to being cut. The other male was able to get the subject out of the house and away from the female. During the investigation, all witnesses and victims were interviewed, deputies collected photographs of injuries, and statements were taken from those willing to provide one. 28-year-old James Hampton was arrested and charged with first-degree assault and battery and 3rd-degree domestic violence. Bond was denied, and Hampton remains at the Union County Detention Center. The other male subject who intervened was taken to jail on unrelated active arrest warrants.

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