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Man Charged With Arson in Setting Dumpster Fire

Daniel Prince

Man is accused of setting at least six dumpster fires

A man suspected of setting several dumpster fires has been arrested. Last Friday morning, Deputy Kevin Felts received a call to respond to the Dollar General Store in Buffalo for a dumpster fire. Once he arrived, Felts talked to an employee, who stated this was not the first time there had been a dumpster fire at the store. A witness stated she noticed Marlow Sims come onto the property and sweep the parking lot. He then walked toward his residence on Lukesville Road but stopped at the trash can and began to dig around. The woman stated a few moments later she noticed smoke and heard a pop.

Buffalo Fire Department Chief Brian Gardin stated this was the sixth call for a working dumpster fire at that location. Each time, Sims was seen setting fire to the dumpster. Due to the witness statements and the multiple calls at the business, 43-year-old Marlow Sims was arrested and charged with 3rd-degree arson.

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