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Man Charged With Attempted Murder in July Shooting Incident

Daniel Prince

Jaran Harris also charged with assaulting his mother and her 10-year-old grandson

A Union man faces several charges in connection to a July shooting on John Jeter Lane in Carlisle.

According to the incident report, on July 21, a man stated he was leaving his house to go to work when he saw a couple of men standing on the steps of his neighbor’s vacant house. As he got ready to leave, he heard one of the males yell, “Why did you hit my aunt last night?” The man then heard four or five shots, and he ducked in his vehicle. The males ran away, and the man called 911 and went into his house. One of the houses beside his had a camera, and deputies viewed the footage, which corroborated the man’s version of events. Deputies found two bullet holes in the door of the car. About an hour after leaving the scene, the victim came to the sheriff’s office with his wife and daughter. His daughter said she had been at school and was receiving calls regarding what happened. She identified the shooter as 23-year-old Jaran Harris. The man stated he could pick the shooter out of a lineup, and in a lineup of six different people, he picked Harris.

On November 3rd, Harris was accused of assaulting his mother and her grandson at her residence. The woman stated she gave Harris some money, but he was upset she would not give him more. She said he called her profane names and struck her in the face. Her 10-year-old grandson tried to keep Harris from attacking her, and he stated Harris grabbed him by the throat.

Harris was arrested last Wednesday and booked into the Union County Detention Center. He is charged with two counts of 3rd-degree assault and battery in the November incident, and attempted murder, pointing and presenting a firearm at a person, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime for the July incident. He was also being held for a family court bench warrant. Bond was denied on the more serious charges.

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