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Man Charged With Domestic Violence

Daniel Prince

Suspected accused of strangling victim multiple times

A Union man is charged with third-degree criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. City units were called out Tuesday afternoon to the Union Inn on Toshes Creek Circle. PSO Malik Brown spoke with the property manager, who stated the occupants of room 222 were fighting. There were several people outside, and one downstairs told officers that the male, later identified as 33-year-old Edward Alan Hudson, was crazy and had about killed the female victim. City units knocked on the door, and Hudson answered. They saw the victim exit the bathroom visibly upset. PSO Brown asked the victim to come outside to separate her from Hudson.

Once outside, she began to cry and told Brown that Hudson had grabbed her by the hair, pulling some out, and he strangled her. Based on her statements and witness statements on scene, Hudson was arrested and transported to Union County Jail. The victim had an active bench warrant from the city and was advised that she was being placed under arrest for that, as well.

She was asked to provide a written statement on the incident, and she agreed. In her statement, she said she and Hudson had a minor disagreement that led to him getting her phone. He then got upset and assaulted her. She left to try and use the phone in the front office but couldn’t get anyone there. She went back upstairs, and she said Hudson grabbed her by the hair and attempted to drag her back into the room. She said she grabbed the railing to stop him but let go when he pulled some of her hair out. When inside the room, she said he strangled her while yelling profanities. He then let go and started throwing her things across the room. When she tried to calm him down, she said he strangled her again and said he was going to kill her. She ran into the bathroom, but she said Hudson followed her and strangled her again, causing her to pass out. She said she woke up with her head on the tub and officers at the door.

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