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Man Charged With Possession of Stolen Goods

Daniel Prince

Debit cards, ID cards, medical documents found

A Union man faces charges of receiving stolen goods. On July 13, Cpl. Burdine made a traffic stop on a vehicle with no license plate. Burdine saw a man in the back seat with his head down and his hat pulled low who appeared to be hiding who he was. Burdine asked for and received permission to search the vehicle.

He found six bags in the vehicle, which the back seat passenger, identified as 43-year-old Russell Bradley Clark, claimed as his. While searching the bags, Burdine found a wallet containing multiple ID cards and bank-type cards. Clark stated someone had given them to him. Burdine seized the items to be returned to the owners. He took possession of the bags for safe keeping while Clark was taken to jail on a previous arrest warrant.

Last Friday, Lt. Brad Horne, who is evidence custodian at the sheriff’s office, contacted Investigator Woods about some suspicious documents placed into evidence for safe keeping in this case. There were several patient information documents and blank forms from Hospice & Palliative Care in Charlotte. When Clark came to the sheriff’s office to pick up his items that were in safe keeping, Woods talked to him about the documents. Again, Clark claimed someone had given them to him, and he wouldn’t say anything more because he didn’t want the person to get in trouble.

Further investigation into several cards belonging to one of the victims in the case revealed that they had been stolen from the man in an incident dating to April 2nd of this year. All cards except for a Social Security card and a South Carolina debit card had been deactivated and reissued. The man identified the wallet and cards to be his stolen wallet from that case.

Investigator Woods spoke to another victim, and she said her card had been stolen from her nightstand back in 2020. Clark has been charged with two counts of receiving stolen goods in connection with this case. He was booked into the jail Wednesday evening and was released on bond Thursday morning.

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