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Man Faces Multiple Charges After Threatening Arby's Employees

Daniel Prince

Counterfeit money also found in suspect's possession

A Union man faces multiple charges after threatening an employee and manager at Arby’s. Saturday afternoon, Cpl. Dean Allen was called to the restaurant for a disturbance with a customer. While he was on the way, dispatch informed him the man had left the restaurant and was headed to the Dollar Tree parking lot. Allen was told the man was in a red Honda and was trying to leave the area. The vehicle was eventually found behind Subway by another officer.

Allen went to the scene, and upon searching the man, Allen found a silver straight razor knife in the man’s pants pocket. After being given permission to search the vehicle, officers found a handgun in the glove box. They placed the man in handcuffs to detain him while the investigation continued.

Allen went back to Arby’s and spoke to the manager, who stated the man came into the restaurant and demanded to know which employee worked at both Murphy’s gas station and Arby’s. The manager said the man began cursing, he claimed to be in a gang, and he threatened to shoot the place up. The manager then called 911 and the man left. PSO Young pulled up and let the manager and employee look at the man, and they both identified him as the one who had caused the disturbance. He was identified as 21-year-old Deric Montford, Jr., of Keenan Avenue.

In PSO Rusty Young’s report, he stated he found a yellow package with a lot of $20 bills inside. He took one of them out and found it was counterfeit. The light blue handgun had an extended clip. That and a half box of ammo were both found in the glovebox. Later, Officer Ford stated she found another gun, which Young cleared and placed with the rest of the evidence found in the vehicle.

Deric Montford, Jr. is charged with two counts of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature due to his threats and the fact that he had a handgun with him. He is also charged with forgery after the bag containing $1240 of counterfeit $20 bills was discovered. Montford also faces a charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.

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