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Man Faces Numerous Charges After Break-in

Daniel Prince

Victim injured her leg in the incident

A Union man faces numerous charges related to a break-in on Jonesville-Lockhart Highway last Friday night. Deputies were in the 3300 block of the highway in the Adamsburg community. Deputies found a subject from an earlier call and began speaking with him. Cpl. Justin Littleton spoke to the subject, but Littleton stated in his report that the man wasn’t making any sense. He did at one point state that he broke in the house. The subject was identified as 49-year-old Jamie Gibson.

Littleton heard what he thought was a person talking in the residence, but he realized it was a female hollering for help. Littleton went into the house and found a woman lying on the floor next to the front door. She had a cut on her left leg on her knee and had a lot of blood coming from it. Littleton called for EMS to respond to the scene. When they arrived, they treated the woman and transported her to Union Medical Center. Before going to the hospital, the woman stated that Gibson came to her house and busted out her windows. She said she went to get her gun. At some point, she said Gibson kicked in the door to the residence. She said she shot at Gibson, who fell and then got back up and came after her. He took the gun from her, and during the altercation, the woman fell and cut her knee. Gibson then ran out the front door. Littleton found a .22 bullet inside a bedroom wall in the home. The gun was later found in the front yard. Gibson was arrested and transported to the Union County Detention Center.

In a supporting statement by Deputy Clifford Inman, he saw Gibson standing in the driveway, waving his arms and walking around in circles. Inman pulled into the driveway and got out with Gibson. After Littleton arrived on scene, Gibson told them that someone was injured inside the home. Gibson had blood on his hands, which when asked, he said he hurt his hands on the door of the home.

Gibson is charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, malicious injury to personal property (greater than $10,000), 1st-degree burglary, and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. He is also wanted by the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

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