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Man Reports Possible Parking Ticket Scam

Daniel Prince

Man receives letter about ticket from Park Folly Beach despite not visiting in more than 50 years

A Union man reported a possible scam to the Union Public Safety Department. Last Thursday, Sgt. Scott Hood responded to an address on Lawson Avenue to speak with the man. The man stated that on Tuesday, he had received a letter in the mail from Park Folly Beach in Folly Beach, SC, stating he owed a $50 fine for overtime parking. The man said he had not been to Folly Beach in more than 50 years, and he does not take his truck any further than Spartanburg. He also said that no one has had his vehicle, either. The letter gave the man’s full name, address, the correct tag number to his vehicle, and a citation number. The case has been turned over to investigations.

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