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Man Shot in the Hand After Kicking In Door to Apartment

Daniel Prince

Man charged with first-degree burglary, domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, and malicious damage to property

Last Thursday, Union Public Safety officers were dispatched to a Horseshoe Circle address for a report of a male subject breaking into an apartment with a weapon. PFC Cody Nations and PFC Cody Hill saw a man stumble out of the front door of the apartment with visible injuries and dropped a magazine to a firearm on the porch. The man stated that a man named Jaaron Brannon had kicked in the front door of the apartment and attacked him. The man stated he fired a round at Brannon, but he wasn’t sure if he hit him. The man appeared to be in pain, so officers checked him for injuries and found several on his shoulder, the side of his head, and his side. The man went with EMS to Union Medical Center for treatment and was later transferred to Spartanburg Regional.

Nations and Hill were advised that the complainant was on the line and was hiding out near Foster Street and did not want to come back to the scene. The officers found her hiding under an 18-wheeler trailer. She appeared to be uninjured but was visibly distraught. She came back to the scene and said that Brannon kicked the front door in and went after the man inside. She said a fight began inside the apartment, and then she heard a gunshot and ran out of the apartment to hide. She stated she and Brannon have children in common, and that he had made several comments on Facebook Messenger earlier about her being with someone else. She showed the officer the messages.

Inside the apartment, officers found an unspent round in front of the living room couch and another in the hallway near the first bedroom. They also found a spent round in the hallway near the first bedroom. They found several places and items in the hallway that had been damaged during the fight. They also found that the door frame and deadbolt had been damaged. Officers found several cigarillo wrappers and several small bags containing marijuana on the couch and coffee table. All evidence was collected. The man and woman declined to make written statements.

While officers were still on scene, a family member of the woman called and said that Brannon had called and stated he had been shot in the hand and was going to Union Medical Center for treatment. While there, he waived his rights and agreed to talk with Sgt. Shaver. Brannon confessed to going over to the apartment and kicking in the door. 31-year-old Jaaron DeWilliams Brannon was arrested and charged with 1st-degree burglary, domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature, and malicious damage to property.

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