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Meals on Wheels Needs More Volunteer Drivers

Daniel Prince

Vacations and illnesses create the need for two or three more drivers

Union County Meals on Wheels needs volunteer drivers. With summer vacations, illnesses, and other issues that arise, the organization says it deeply needs at least two or three drivers to help out through the summer. Temporary drivers are welcome to try out with no commitment. If you can help, call 427-1598 or 427-0046, or email If you would like to become a permanent part of the Meals on Wheels driver roster, let them know that, as well.

Through June, Union County Meals on Wheels reported they delivered 10,852 meals, averaging about 500 a week on the ten routes they run. Midway BBQ provides the meals they deliver each week, and numerous individuals, businesses, organizations, and churches donate money to keep the organization going each year.

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