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Merridun, Jonesville Featured in Movie Shoot

Daniel Prince

Film shoot almost didn't happen

Many were interested and excited to find out that a film crew was in Union County shooting a movie at the end of last week. Production in the county has wrapped up now. WBCU News spoke to Sam Holland, the location manager on the shoot, and he gave us some details:

(audio below story)

Originally, there was going to be a full 26-day shoot in the county. As Holland mentioned, at one point it was decided that no filming would take place here at all, but finally a four-day exterior shoot was done, both at Merridun and at a location in Jonesville. Holland has promised to give WBCU News further details into the shoot, as well as to put us in touch with the director and producer of the film. We’ll bring you more details as we get them.

Sam Holland, location manager for film shoot
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