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More Candidates File for Nonpartisan Races

Daniel Prince

Doc Lipsey, Dr. Jane Wilkes to run for reelection to school board

The filing period continues for nonpartisan races, and a few more candidates have filed. According to, Gene “Doc” Lipsey has filed for reelection to his District 4 seat on the school board. Mark Truitt has filed to run for the District 5 seat, currently held by Mike “Brokearm” Cohen. Cohen has announced he will not seek reelection to the board. As previously noted, Kelly Wilburn Shropshire has filed to run for School Board District 8, which is currently held by Dr. Wanda All. Dr. Jane Wilkes has filed to run for reelection to her District 9 seat. In addition to these, Ted Adams and Evelyn Alman have filed for another term on the Browns Creek Watershed Conservation District.

The following seats are up for election this November: School Board District 3, held by Mike Massey; School Board District 4, held by Gene “Doc” Lipsey; School Board District 5, held by Mike “Brokearm” Cohen; School Board District 8, held by Dr. Wanda All; School Board District 9, held by Dr. Jane Wilkes; Union City Council District 1, held by Tommy Anthony; City Council District 2, held by Robert Garner; and City Council District 5, held by Pamela Garner Sloss. There will be a couple of seats on the Carlisle Town Council up for vote this election cycle, as well. The nonpartisan filing deadline is August 15 at noon.

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