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More Details Released in Armed Robbery of Teen

Daniel Prince

Teen was lured from Greenville; shoes, cash stolen at gunpoint

The Union Public Safety Department released a few more details in the armed robbery incident that occurred last Thursday night. Officers responded to the robbery that occurred in the area of Culbreath Heights in the city late Thursday afternoon. Officers were advised the victim was standing by on Brookside Drive. Dispatch advised that the suspect was walking toward Horseshoe Circle and was described as a black male wearing a red hoodie and armed with a handgun. Cpl. Hope and Pfc Hill arrived in the Horseshoe Circle area and rode through the area before making contact with the victim. The victim was identified as a 17-year-old juvenile. In the previous release, the Public Safety Department stated the victim had been lured from Greenville to sell items to the suspect, who then pulled a handgun and robbed the victim. The victim was escorted to the Public Safety Department to make a voluntary statement. Sgt. Shaver and Pfc Hill stayed in the area to search for the suspect. The case has been turned over to investigations. Two pairs of Yeezy’s and one pair of Jordans were stolen, along with $520 in cash. The shoes were valued at a total of $160.

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