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More Winter Weather Possible

Daniel Prince

Latest forecast calls for the biggest impact in the Midlands and Low Country

Another round of wintery weather is possible in the area overnight tonight and through Friday, but it is looking increasingly likely that there will be little impact to our area, except for cold temperatures. Most of the wintery weather will be affecting the Midlands and Low Country rather than the Upstate. The current forecast calls for rain likely tonight, possibly mixing with sleet after 11 p.m. before gradually ending. The low will be in the upper 20s, so any rain that remains on the roads will likely freeze, causing some potentially icy road conditions in the morning. The Friday forecast calls for a 30% chance for snow, mainly between 3-7 p.m., with little or no accumulation expected. The high will struggle to get above freezing Friday, and it will dip into the lower 20s overnight Friday night. It will be clear and cold throughout the weekend, and we’ll be watching another fast-moving system that may bring us some rain on Tuesday and Tuesday night.

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