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Multiple Vandalism Incidents Occur During Spirit Week

Daniel Prince

Five different incidents reported to Public Safety

With homecoming week generally comes reports of car and property vandalisms, and this year proved no different. A student at the high school alerted School Resource Officer Bryan Shaver that her 2021 Toyota truck had been vandalized while parked in the parking lot. She stated she didn’t know who vandalized it, but she wanted to report it because the vehicle was a 2021. Shaver and Principal Kevin Farmer advised her they were aware of several vehicles that had been vandalized, and they were looking at video footage to see if they could determine who did it. Assistant Principal Tee Farr stated he saw some students in the video, but they get out of school after first block. He said he would question them on Monday.

Another incident took place in the parking lot at La Fogata Mexican Restaurant Friday night after 10 p.m. The complainant stated she was pulling into the parking space when a group of teenage boys threw several eggs at her vehicle. She stated she had several of the high school cheerleaders in her vehicle at the time, and one of them identified one of the boys in the group, though the victim stated she could not confirm if he was involved. She stated she said something to the group of boys, and they attempted to clean the egg yolk from the side of her vehicle. She stated she wanted to make the report for her insurance company in case the egg yolk damaged her vehicle.

A third incident was reported Saturday. Officer Rusty Young was dispatched to McDonalds. He spoke with a man there who stated his granddaughter drives his vehicle to work, and someone told him his vehicle had been vandalized. He came to check the vehicle and noticed something had been on it. Young spoke with the man’s granddaughter, who told him she was working Friday night when someone told her someone had gotten her vehicle. She came out and saw the vandalism. She then took the vehicle and washed it and did not tell her grandfather.

A fourth incident was reported Saturday that occurred in the TBA Construction parking lot Friday night. Officer Rusty Young spoke with a man who stated he let his stepson go to the football game Friday night. He went to La Fogata to get something to eat and found someone had vandalized the truck. The man said he just wanted to report the incident.

A fifth vandalism incident took place early Sunday morning on North Boyce Street. PSO Brown and Cpl. Allen responded to the scene. A woman stated she was sitting in her car when she heard noises around her yard. When she looked up, a group of juveniles had thrown eggs on the passenger side of the vehicle. She exited the car and called 911. She stated the juveniles ran across the street to Keenan Oaks Apartments.

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