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New Drama Teacher, Art Teachers Among New District Hires

Daniel Prince

Erica Hammett named new head coach of girls' basketball at high school

At last Monday’s school board meeting, the board voted 7-1 to accept the personnel report. Some highlights from the report were James Burns being hired as the new drama teacher at Union County High School next year. Paigan Bentley will be the art teacher at Union County High School, and Katie Elder will teach art at Sims. Stacy Farr will be the Director of Elementary Education for the district. Erica Hammett will be a science teacher and the head girls basketball coach at Union County High School.

The board also voted to accept the contract from Sharp for the district’s printers and copiers. The contract will begin in July 2022 and will allow the company to monitor and maintain the district’s printers and copiers and provide ink and toner as needed.

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