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November Nonpartisan Ballot Choices Finalized

Daniel Prince

At least two new faces will be on the school board next year

The filing deadline for nonpartisan races was yesterday. Here are those who will appear on the November ballot:

Mike Massey will be running unopposed for the School Board District 3 seat. Board chair Gene “Doc” Lipsey will face a challenge from Rossi Hames for the District 4 seat. The District 5 seat will have new representation, as Mike “Brokearm” Cohen announced he will not run for reelection. Tommy Mann and Mark Truitt have filed to run for the District 5 seat. Dr. Wanda All will not be running for reelection to her District 8 seat, which will be filled by Kelly Wilburn Shropshire, who is running unopposed. Dr. Jane Wilkes will face opposition by Beth Ramsey Anthony for the District 9 seat.

Dudley Adams, Michael Lancaster, and Matthew Scales have all filed for the Soil and Water District Commission. Ted Adams and Evelyn Alman filed for the Browns Creek Watershed Conservation District.

Michael Moochie Brewington, James W. Long, and Dean Robinson have filed for Jonesville Fire District Commissioner. Jackie Earls and Casie Sanders Jolly have filed for Monarch Fire District Commissioner. Darwin Allen and John D. Cheek, Jr. have filed for Santuc Fire District Commissioner. Philip Arnold, Thomas Bishop, and Larry Yarbrough have filed for Southside Fire District Commissioner.

In the Town of Carlisle, Ann Stevens and Radzil Thompson have filed for reelection to the Carlisle Town Council.

The candidates for Union City Council have not yet been posted to the South Carolina Election Commission website. We will bring you those in tomorrow’s newscast.

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