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Person Injured in Shooting at Gas Pump in Jonesville

Daniel Prince

Investigators identify person of interest in the shooting

Sunday afternoon at 5:22, deputies with the Union County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Mini Mart in Jonesville, at 2908 Furman L. Fendley Highway. Upon arrival, deputies were told an altercation occurred at the gas pumps, and a vehicle was hit by gunfire.

A short time later, the sheriff’s office was notified that the victim had pulled over on Pine Street in Spartanburg County. The victim was transported to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Investigators arrived to process the scene and speak with witnesses. Investigators have identified a person of interest in the shooting. The sheriff’s office says this is an isolated incident and there is no threat to the public. They say they will release more information when available.

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