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Primaries for County Council District 5 Special Election Set for Today

Daniel Prince

Tamiann Adams vs. Gerald Eaves in Republican primary; James Rainwater vs. Carolyn Rutherford in Democratic primary

For voters in County Council District 5, today is the day to cast your ballots in the Democratic and Republican primaries for that seat. On the Republican side, Tamiann Adams and Gerald Eaves are on the ballot, while James Rainwater and Carolyn Rutherford are on the ballot in the Democratic primary. The primary winners will face off on June 21 in a special election for the County Council District 5 seat formerly held by the late Tommie Hill. County Council District 5 is comprised of all or some of the voters from the Excelsior, Monarch, and city precincts, which are Ward 1 Box 1, Ward 1 Box 2, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4 Box 1, and Ward 4 Box 2.

As a reminder, the two Monarch precincts have been combined into a single precinct, with all Monarch voters going to Bethel United Methodist Church to cast their ballots. Ward 1 Box 1’s polling place changed, as well. Voters will cast their ballots at Lakeside Baptist Church instead of Foster Park Elementary School. Signs will be posted at the old polling places informing voters of the new place to go. If you are unsure which precinct you are in or if you are a part of County Council District 5, you can look it up online at or call the Union County Election Commission at 429-1616.

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