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Prodigal's Home Raising Money for Down Payment

The house that the Prodigal's Home has the chance to buy
"Where addicts are redeemed"

Daniel Prince

$30,000 needed at closing; more than half has been raised

The Prodigal’s Home, a faith-based men’s addiction rehabilitation center in Jonesville, has an opportunity to expand their ministry, but they need help to be able to do it.

Currently, the men they minister to are in the beginning stages of recovery, or phase 1, as founder Michael McLeymore says. The ministry has a chance to buy a neighboring house but has to raise $30,000 for the down payment by the end of the month. He said the house will be used for phase 2 of the program, which incorporates sober living. The guys would be able to work full-time jobs and then come stay there in what would be considered a halfway house.

Of the $30,000 needed, the ministry has received donations of $15,800 so far, including $5000 from a fundraiser they held in April, $5000 from First Baptist of Union, $2825 from a Facebook fundraiser, and numerous other gifts from individuals in the community.

McLeymore shared his heart for the ministry with WBCU News:

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To make a donation to The Prodigal’s Home, you can give through Paypal with the link on their website,, or by using their email through Paypal, You can also send a check to The Prodigal’s Home, 192 Oakwood Road, Jonesville, SC 29353. Another way to support the ministry is by shopping at their thrift store, located behind the former Gene’s Fine Foods. It is open Monday-Friday from 10-6 and Saturday from 10-4.

Michael McLeymore
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