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Prodigal's Home Raising Money to Purchase Greater Union Church Property

Daniel Prince

Group is trying to raise $700,000 to buy the property

The Prodigal’s Home, a faith-based men’s addiction recovery home in Jonesville, is looking to expand to offer help and hope to more people struggling with addiction. They were originally looking at a church building in Blacksburg, but they have since decided to pursue the purchase of the Greater Union Church property on Bruce O. Wilson Road. The church and property is three times larger than the one in Blacksburg and is around $200,000 cheaper. They plan to expand their ministry to open a residence to help women struggling with substance abuse addiction. The space will allow the ministry to expand to serve 60 more men than they are currently able to serve.

The Prodigal’s Home is seeking to raise $700,000 to buy the church property. They have already raised around $230,000 toward it. They have a fundraiser on their Facebook page that you can donate money toward the expansion. Visit to donate. They also have a fundraiser planned tomorrow from 9-2 at The Prodigal’s Home Thrift Store, located behind Gene’s Fine Food. They will be selling a hot dog plate with chips and drink for $5, a BBQ plate with BBQ from The One-Eyed Pig, bun, slaw, baked beans, and a drink for $10, and sausage biscuits and coffee for $3. In addition, they will have a bake sale and silent auction, with proceeds going to the ministry expansion.

Ministry founder Michael McLeymore, Wayne Comtois with Kirby’s Cake Shoppe, and several men from The Prodigal’s Home were on WBCU earlier in the week talking about the fundraiser and the ministry. McLeymore said the fundraising will be an ongoing process over the next couple of years, but he wanted to make clear the money would only be going toward the expansion:

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Michael McLeymore on how money raised will be used
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